Training Ideas

The GTO Wizard Trainer is packed with numerous intriguing options, which can sometimes leave us overwhelmed with indecision. The purpose of this guide is twofold – to encourage you to explore new ideas and to showcase the diverse training drills that can be created using the tool.

Turbo Mode

Maximize volume and blaze through hands with these ultra-fast settings. The idea is to go through many decisions quickly and only stop when you make a mistake.

Game mode – Single Spot
Show results after – Mistake
Quick results – Off
Auto new hand – Instant

These are great for drills like practicing your cash game RFI, or mastering short stack MTT Push/Fold decisions.

Pro tip – Remove auto folds using the Hands setting to focus on more important decisions!


Hard Mode

This configuration is for Wizards that want to remove their training wheels and practice in a challenging environment. This mode removes all the helpful information and is designed to feel like a real game where you won’t be able to see ranges or equity.

  • Start preflop – Start of hand
  • RNG – ON
  • Info Panel – Hidden
  • Quick Results – OFF
  • Auto New Hand – OFF

The Data Scientist

One of the most efficient methods of studying is using aggregate flop reports to find filters that result in strategically similar boards, then practicing those textures via the trainer. The idea is to spot macro trends with reports, then build those into your game one step at a time.

For example, in a BTN vs BB SRP cash game, these filters tend to result in boards that prefer overbetting strategies:

GTO Wizard Trainer Tips and Tricks
GTO Wizard Trainer Tips and Tricks

Now we can define a training session to hone these overbet strategies. Simply select BTN vs BB SRP, apply these board filters, and you’re ready to master a new strategy!

Triple Barrel Defense

Knowing what hands to stack off with is a crucial component of deepstacked poker. We can use Custom Spot to practice specific nodes in the tree. For example, we can practice defending BB against a BTN triple barrel river shove. This drill is designed to build your intuition for what hands are appropriate to stack off with in a single-raised pot.

  • Custom Spot – BB facing BTN 33%>175%>Allin
  • Display Hand Strength – Off (Knowing your equity lets you cheat using pot odds)
  • RNG – ON (You’ll need to mix some decisions)
  • Game Mode – Single Spot

Master of Frequencies

Mixing correctly is hard. Most players butcher mixed hands preflop, leading to imbalanced ranges that are hard to play. We can use frequency mode to fine-tune our mixtures in difficult yet common spots, such as facing 3bets or 4bets preflop.

  • Game Mode – Single Spot
  • Input Mode – Frequency
  • Show RNG – Off
  • Preflop Action – vs 3bet/4bet

Premade Drills

If you’re unsure where to start, check out some of these premade training drills tailored to your format! If you want to train something specific, use the Advanced Settings to create your own drill and save it to the My Drills tab for easy access!

Training Ideas

You can import, export, and save drills. Share with study partners or on our Discord server!

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