How to Use The Hand History Analyzer

GTO Wizard makes it easy to review your play with our Hand History Analyzer. The process is simple:

  • Upload your session
  • Your hands get compared to the optimal solution
  • Review your hands to find your biggest blunders and plug your leaks

This guide will teach you everything about how to use our automatic hand Analyzer.

Hand history table

The Hand History table is the primary display of the hand analysis feature. From here, you can organize, filter and sort your hands. You can quickly find your biggest EV losses. You can replay a hand, and dive into further detail using the hand history toolbar.

Analyzed Hands


Analyzed Hands

Your hand is fully analyzed.

Non-existing GTO spot
Indicates you’ve run into a spot with no solution. This happens in multiway pots, situations where the stack sizes are too deep or shallow, or if the hand is in the wrong format. This can also indicate that the hand takes a line that is never supposed to be played, which may or may not be due to bet sizing discrepancies.

There was an error in your hand, in this case, please see more info in the article below or contact our Discord.

Please read about what formats and which poker sites we can analyze here.


The filters are located above the Hand History table. This feature allows you to filter for particular spots, boards, hole cards, dates, EV losses, etc.

Analyzed Hands

For example, if you just want to see spots where you held a premium hand preflop, you could apply the following “cards” filter:

Analyzed Hands

 🔎 More filters are comming soon! Let us know on our Discord which ones you want to see. 🔍

Star hands

Select the starAnalyzed Hands to mark particularly interesting hands so that you can find them later.

Delete hands

Use the checkboxAnalyzed Hands to mark which hands you’d like to delete, then press the delete button.
You can select all hands using the uppermost checkboxAnalyzed Hands.

Expand/contract row spacing

Analyzed Hands

Select the letter (S/M/L) in the top-right corner of the table. It will change from (S)mall (M)edium (L)arge. This changes the spacing between rows to make data easier to view.


The columns above the Hand History table can be used to sort your hands by any numerical value. You can sort by date, EV loss, BB W/L or pot.

Analyzed Hands

We recommend sorting the table by EV loss in order to find your leaks and maximize your study time!

Hand history toolbar

Select any hand within the table to open the hand history toolbar. This toolbar is used for quickly and seamlessly reviewing your hands.

Scroll through hands

Analyzed Hands
Navigate left/right using the arrows.

Replay a hand

Analyzed Hands
Replay a hand using the built-in Replayer.

Large/Compact mode

Analyzed Hands
Switch between large and compact mode. Large mode allows you to see more detail about the optimal play on various streets within the hand; as demonstrated in this gif.

Jump to Solution browser

Analyzed Hands
Jump to the Solution browser for any spot.

Take a picture

Analyzed Hands
Download a photo of the hand to share with friends.
Analyzed Hands

Bet Sizing Discrepancies

The Analyzer works by comparing your hand history to a presolved solution from preflop to turn. The river is calculated using the exact board state (stacks/sizes/etc).

Bet sizes are matched to the closest available size within the solutions. However, discrepancies can still occur. These are shown in parentheses next to your actual bet size.

For example in this spot, CO actually opened 2.5BB, but the solution uses 2.3BB.

Analyzed Hands

You can change the solutions used to analyze your hands in the settings menu under Analyzer.
For example, if you normally open 2.5x from early position, you can change the solution to General 2.5x.

Analyzed Hands

EV Loss

Analyzed Hands

EV loss is shown in the strategy table, but you can see more information about it using the toolbar in “large mode” The mistake below is coloured red 🔴 to indicate a blunder. Inaccuracies are colored yellow 🟡, and correct moves are green 🟢.

In this situation, SB should have called the river. Instead, they folded, losing 7.65 bb. (765 bb/100 error)

Hand History Replayer

Dive into the action with the built-in Hand History Replayer. Simply select thisAnalyzed Hands icon within the toolbar to open the Replayer. This feature looks similar to our Practice modes; showing you the correct frequencies and EV’s at every node.

Select any street or use the left/right arrows to navigate, as shown in the gif below:

Analyzed Hands

Replayer hotkeys

Analyzed Hands

How do I get the most out of studying with this tool?

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