How To Use The Range Builder

GTO Wizard’s Range Builder is the ultimate tool to practice range construction! Strategically, poker is played range vs range, not hand vs hand. The range builder has you construct your entire strategy for any spot on any board. Your strategy is then graded and compared to the GTO solution. This tool forces you to think globally about how you approach poker, revealing blind spots and common weaknesses which are hard to spot playing one hand at a time.

Rangebuilder Guide

Getting Started

There are a few settings to configure before you start building:

  • The solution you’d like to practice
  • The line you’d like to practice
  • Specify the board or texture (Optional)
  • Choose your difficulty

Once you’ve chosen your spot, select the Start Building button.

Rangebuilder Guide

Solution Selection

Start by selecting your format and solution using the solution selector in the top-left corner. The solution you choose determines what actions are available to practice.

Rangebuilder Guide

Spot selection

Navigate to the situation you’d like to study using the spot selector at the top of the page.

Rangebuilder Guide

At this point, you can apply board filters or select a specific board. If you’d like a random board, simply select confirm. Click here to learn more about board filters.

Rangebuilder Guide

Difficulty levels / Grouping

Rangebuilder Guide

Select the difficulty level. Harder levels have more bet sizing options. We recommend starting on Easy mode, as this can be a challenging exercise!

Rangebuilder Guide

You can switch difficulty levels anytime by grouping similar actions/sizes together. Simply press ‘S’ or use this dropdown to group similar bet sizes. The evaluation at the end of the game will update according to whatever grouping you select.

After you’ve chosen a spot you’ll be greeted with a blank strategy page where you can build your strategy!

Rangebuilder Guide

We recommend selecting this question mark icon in the top-right corner to view a quick tutorial before getting started.

Rangebuilder Guide


Painting Basics

Build your strategy by selecting the paintbrush icon located in the top-center of the page.

Rangebuilder Guide

The paintbrush allows you to apply a chosen strategy to any hands, combos, or categories that you select. You can adjust the strategy by using the slider underneath, or by selecting the arrows or presets on the actions themselves. You can also input the frequencies manually.

Rangebuilder Guide

Pin hand

If you mouse over and click on the “pin” icon in the top-left corner of the combo, it will select it, then you can paint specific suits in the hand’s matrix (bottom right).

Paint by category

Instead of painting specific hands, you can choose to paint entire categories. For example, you could paint all your flush draws by selecting the category below.

Rangebuilder Guide

Note – this will overwrite your strategy unless you’ve previously locked those hands.

Rangebuilder Guide

Lock combos

To unlock combos, simply switch to “paint mode” by selecting the paintbrush icon.

Rangebuilder Guide

Select the “lock” icon above your range to lock combos as you paint them. Locking a combo will freeze its selection and won’t get overwritten if you decide to paint the whole category (e.g., If you choose to paint all flush draws combos, the locked combo won’t be affected)

Rangebuilder Guide

Suit selection

You can filter for specific suits by using the suit selector above your range. You have the option to include or exclude certain suits from view. This provides a quick alternative to locking and paining specific combinations within a hand.

Rangebuilder Guide

Change range view

Select this dropdown to change the way you view your range. Range height / Full height / Normalized change the way your range is viewed according to the relative weight of each combination.

Pro tip – Use “horizontal mode” to see individual combinations within the strategy matrix. This view is especially useful for range construction.

Rangebuilder Guide

See the opponent’s range

Rangebuilder Guide
Select this icon to see a side-by-side comparison of both players’ ranges. This is used for strategic considerations. Don’t worry, it won’t give away the strategy!

See correct strategic frequencies (cheat)

Your overall range frequencies are shown at the bottom of the Range Builder. Select the lightbulb icon to compare yours to the correct frequencies.

Rangebuilder Guide

Jump to solution browser

Rangebuilder Guide
Select this “hat” icon in the top-left corner to jump to the solution browser for whatever spot you’re working on.

Focus Mode

Rangebuilder Guide
Select this icon in the top-left corner to switch to focus mode. This will expand the display and remove clutter. Alternatively, press ‘F’.


Rangebuilder Guide
Use these arrows in the top-left corner to undo/redo, or select “Clear All” to start over. You can also use CTRL+X and CTRL+Y to undo/redo respectively.

Submit result

Rangebuilder Guide
When you’re ready to submit your strategy, select the Confirm button in the bottom-right corner.


The evaluation shows you both your ranges, with a comparison tab in between. This page shows you how accurate your strategy was compared to GTO. Select any hand within either range to compare their strategies. You also have the option to compare categories. Details below.

How results are graded

The evaluation compares the strategy of every combination within your range to the GTO strategy. Each hand is graded based on the frequencies of the actions you’ve chosen, compared to the frequencies of the GTO actions

You can change the bet size grouping at this point and your strategy will be reevaluated. For example, changing the grouping from “all” to “simple” will ignore bet sizes and group all bets together (easy mode).


The summary tab shows you your results, presenting you with a grade between 0%-100%. Please note that a perfect score is nearly achievable for a human. This page also shows your best and worst categories and gives you the option to compare those categories.

Rangebuilder Guide

Compare by category

Select this dropdown underneath your score to compare different categories.

You can compare by:

  • Hands
  • Draws
  • Equity buckets
Rangebuilder Guide

Each of these categories is graded separately. This helps you identify what parts of your range construction might need work. Hover over any category to highlight them in your range. Select the dropdown to compare that category’s strategy against the GTO strategy.

Rangebuilder Guide

Copy ranges

GTO Wizard provides the option to copy your constructed strategy as standard Pio/GTO+ text. Simply select the “copy” drop-down above the relevant range and select the action you wish to copy.

This allows more advanced users to perform further testing on their strategy using their own solver. For example, testing the EV loss of the constructed strategy against an exploitative nemesis solver.

Rangebuilder Guide


Rangebuilder Guide

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