Accuracy & Benchmarks

Our custom solutions have achieved speed and accuracy that outperform all benchmarks!

GTO Wizard AI leverages the power of artificial intelligence to quickly and accurately solve complex poker spots. This guide gives an overview of our custom solver’s performance.

Performance Summary:

  • We beat Slumbot for 19.4 bb/100.
  • Our flop strategies captured 99.8% of the available flop EV against Piosolver in a fraction of the time.
  • Dynamic Sizing simplifications capture 99.95% of the available river EV compared to the optimal one-size strategy.

Match Against Slumbot

We decimated the ACPC champion Slumbot for 19bb/100 in a 150k hand HUNL match!

Crushing a Top HUNL Poker Bot

In this article, we outline how we improved poker solvers, the rules of the match, and how similar technologies fared against Slumbot.

Crushing a Top HUNL Poker Bot

Benchmarks Against PioSolver

Next, we measured the speed and exploitability of our custom solutions against the industry standard PioSolver. Our flop solutions achieved an exploitability of only 0.21% Nash Distance, accomplished in a fraction of the time of a traditional solution!

In this article, we break down the accuracy of our solutions by preflop action, stack depth, and format!

How Accurate Are GTO Wizard's Solutions?

Dynamic Sizing Benchmarks

Lastly, we measured the accuracy of our Dynamic Sizing algorithm! This feature automatically finds the highest EV bet or raise size and simplifies your strategy. On average, we found that Dynamic Sizing captures 99.95% of the available EV on the river, outperforming any fixed sizing strategy.

Dynamic Sizing Benchmarks

In this article, we measured how accurately GTO Wizard AI can find optimal sizes. We also answer key questions about how this algorithm works, how much simplifying loses compared to playing more complex strategies, and the optimal one-size-fits-all bet size on the river.

Dynamic Sizing Benchmarks

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