The free version of GTO Wizard has some limitations, such as only one postflop spot per day, a maximum of 10 hands in practice mode per day, 5 analyzed hands per month, etc.

To see the full benefits of a GTO Wizard subscription, visit our pricing and features comparison page, then select your format.

You can check all the features for each type of subscription here, after selecting your desired format.

You can upgrade your subscription here. Contact our #accounts-payments channel on Discord for assistance.

On the same day of the next billing period. Same day next month for a Monthly subscription, or the same day next year in case of an Annual subscription.

Please check that your subscription is active here. If you don’t see an active subscription, check that you are logged into the correct account. In case you are not sure why your subscription isn’t active, please don’t hesitate to contact us on Discord or by email (let us know your GTO Wizard login email, and we’ll assist you.).

If you bought the wrong subscription and realized this soon after your purchase, please send us your GTO Wizard email on our Discord server or email, and we will change it for you. However, it can only be switched once.

You can downgrade your subscription here. However, it will be downgraded starting from the next renewal period of your subscription.

No, account sharing violates our Terms of Service, and breaking this rule results in a permanent ban.

You can cancel your subscription’s auto-renewal directly here (red link “Cancel subscription” at the bottom of the page).

No, your subscription will remain active until the end of the current billing cycle.

We have some free coaching sessions that are freely accessible. However, some of the Premium coaching sessions are accessible only to Premium and Elite users. You can upgrade your subscription to Premium or Elite here.

It’s not possible to download coaching videos from Vimeo. It’s exclusively on our website, besides the free coaching on Youtube.

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