Ranges Tab

The Ranges Tab is a great way to compare and contrast how both players’ ranges interact. This feature presents you with a side-by-side comparison of both ranges with various filters to see how they interact with the board.

From here you can:

  • View and filter by equity buckets
  • View and filter by hand classes
  • Copy ranges in Pio/GTO+ format. You can copy the entire range or the ranges of particular actions
  • View the equity distribution graph
Ranges Tab

Table of contents

Full-screen mode

The Ranges Tab can be viewed in regular or full-screen mode.
Select the square icon to the right of the tab, or simply press ‘Q’.

Ranges Tab

This mode makes it easier to see both ranges in detail.

Ranges Tab

Copy Ranges

The ranges tab allows you to copy the ranges from any node into standard Piosolver / GTO+ text input. To do so, simply select the “copy” button above either player’s range.

Ranges Tab

Alternatively, you can select a specific part of their range. Select the dropdown of the active player, and you’ll have the option to copy the ranges of particular actions. For example, select “check” to copy BB’s checking range.

Ranges Tab

Equity Graph

The equity distribution graph is an excellent tool for comparing the advantages of each player. Every point on this graph represents one combination, sorted by equity against the opposing range. Here I have selected AA, which displays several points on the BTN’s green line according to the equity of each combination of AA:

Ranges Tab

Horizontal Axis – Is the strength of your hand within your own range as a percentile. For example, AA is in the 95th percentile since it has higher equity than 95% of combinations in BTN’s range.

Vertical Axis – Equity of your hand against your opponent’s range. For example, AA has 82% equity against the opponent’s range.

Selecting any filters or hand classes will show up as dots on the graph.

Read these guides to learn how to interpret equity distribution graphs:

Full Screen

Click this icon at the top right of the equity graph to toggle full-screen.

Ranges Tab

Zooming in

Click and drag to zoom in on any part of the graph, like so:

Ranges Tab

Range comparisons and filtering

The most powerful feature of the Ranges tab is its ability to highlight range asymmetries between both players! The top of the range comparison shows you the combos, equity, EV, and EQR of both ranges. As usual, OOP is on the left, and IP is on the right.

The percentages in white above this section display the portion of each range that pass your filtering criteria. In this case, we’ve filtered for hands with at least 80% equity against the opposing range using the advanced equity buckets dropdown. OOP (Left) has 4%, while IP (Right) has 7.8%, indicating a nut advantage for the BTN.

Ranges Tab

Note – Equity and EV do not update according to filters, but Combos do update.

The comparison dropdown allows you to select and compare different parts of the ranges. You can compare:

  • Equity buckets
  • Hand categories
  • Draw categories

Selecting any one of these hand classes will filter both ranges.

Ranges Tab

Pro tip – You can combine multiple filters across different dropdowns.

Equity Buckets

Equity buckets group hands according to their equity. You can use “Simple” or “Advanced” depending on how many equity buckets you want. For example, we can see that 5% of IP’s range (right) contains trash hands with 0-25% equity against OOP (left).

  • IP stands for “In Position”, which represents the BTN in this case.
    IP is always right.
  • OOP stands for “Out of position”, which represents the BB in this case.
    OOP is left
Ranges Tab

Equity buckets usage example

Here we can see that the player on the right (IP) has the nut advantage, as they have many more hands with 80%+ equity.
Select any one of these buckets to filter the ranges. For example, here I have selected 80%+ equity hands.

Ranges Tab

Watch this video to learn more about interpreting equity buckets!

Hands Comparison

The hands comparison tab allows you to compare and filter for hand classes between both ranges. Select one or multiple hand classes to filter for those in both ranges.

Ranges Tab

Draws Comparison

Similarly, you can compare and filter the draws in both ranges.

Ranges Tab
Ranges Tab


You can change the style of hand comparison graphs in the Ranges Tab in your settings (Appearance > Other > Centered/Stretched). Choose between Centered or Stretched styling.

Ranges Tab

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