Analyze Mode

GTO Wizard takes the pain out of analyzing your hands with automatic Hand History Analysis features!

Every player should review their play regularly, that’s how you improve as a player.

However, the process of manually finding and reviewing hands can become quite tedious.
GTO Wizard takes the grunt work out of this process by automatically analyzing and sorting your hand histories!

The process is very simple:

GTO Wizard | Analyze Mode

Submit your hands to the server to have them analyzed. You can upload a single hand, full sessions, or an entire database!

GTO Wizard | Analyze Mode

Results are sorted into an intuitive table so you can quickly find your biggest blunders. Replay the hand directly in GTO Wizard with built-in detailed GTO analysis! See the EV loss for every action at a glance.

GTO Wizard | Analyze Mode

(Coming soon) Review your overall stats compared to GTO and spot leaks!

How many hands can I upload?

GTO Wizard Subscription

These limits reset every month.

GTO Wizard Subscription

How does it work?

GTO Wizard will automatically select the closest rake structure and stack size based on the hand history information. Your play is compared against pre-solved solutions from preflop-turn; the river is calculated based on the exact stack depth and bet sizes. The flop-turn analysis will select sizes closest to the bet sizes used in the game.

The Analyzer will ignore certain hands for which we don’t have solutions – such as multiway postflop spots. Some hands have partial solutions, such as hands where you take an action that’s never played in the GTO Strategy.

Once your hands are analyzed you can quickly sort through a table of hand histories to find your biggest leaks!

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