GTO Wizard AI Roadmap

GTO Wizard AI Roadmap

Current Features

Say goodbye to the limitations of presolved solutions with GTO Wizard AI!

In the past, we solved spots using traditional solvers, then uploaded them to a library of solutions. Presolved solutions are fast and useful, but this meant users couldn’t change anything about the spot. This is where GTO Wizard AI comes in. With custom solving, you can change every parameter and solve it instantly!

  • Edit the player’s ranges
  • Change the stack and pot size
  • Add or remove actions
  • Customize the betting tree
  • Automatically simplify and optimize your bet sizes
  • Practice against custom solution settings
  • Solve to high accuracy in seconds!
  • Fair Play – Check if a hand was recently solved by anyone using GTO Wizard
  • Nodelocking – Design exploitative strategies
  • HU Preflop – Solve two-player preflop spots
  • Customizable Rake – Solve postflop spots with any rake structure

Current Limitations

GTO Wizard AI can only solve heads up spots (as of April 2024). That means you cannot choose ICM scenarios, assign bounties, or solve multiway spots yet. Additionally, The stack-to-pot ratio is limited to ensure that our solutions are accurate.

Our preflop solver is currently limited to No Limit Hold’em Heads Up Poker. It was trained specifically to solve HU preflop spots.

Coming Soon

  • Solve ICM Spots – Solve postflop MTT scenarios with arbitrary payout structures


  • Customized aggregate reports for any street
  • Solve any ICM structure
  • Assign PKO bounties
  • Multiway preflop and postflop solving
  • Custom PLO solving
  • Translating solver outputs into human language to simplify the learning curve
  • Building adaptive solutions that more closely match the player’s level and are easier to study
GTO Wizard AI Roadmap

While this gives an overview of the exciting features that GTO Wizard’s AI team will tackle, it only shows a few of the breakthroughs achievable with artificial intelligence. We are building an all-star team of scientists and engineers committed to designing the world’s best poker training ecosystem!

If you’re passionate about pushing the boundaries of technology, working with cutting-edge advancements, and unleashing the power of state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, then we’re the perfect fit for you!

With a focus on innovation and a commitment to excellence, our all-star team is revolutionizing the world of poker AI. We are excited to collaborate with individuals who are driven by a thirst for knowledge and a desire to make a lasting impact. Don’t hesitate to connect with us at hello(at)gtowizard(dot)com, and rest assured that every application will be carefully reviewed and considered.

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